The Boxcar Children Book #1 Test

The Boxcar Children Book #1 Test
The Boxcar Children Book #1- Test

1. How does Henry deduce that the boxcar has not been used in a long time?

2. What does Henry enjoy about working in the Doctor's garage?

3. Who is the man that comes to Dr. Moore's house?

4. What does Jessie teach Benny to do?

5. Where do the children stay on the first night of their journey?

6. Which race does Henry win?

7. Who is the eldest of the four children?

8. The Boxcar children are orphaned, what does that mean?

9. What are the names of the four children?

10. How much money did the Alden children's grandfather offer as a reward for finding them?

11. What is the name of the children's dog?

12. What does the doctor's cook give to Henry to take home for dessert?

13. What is the prize for winning the race?

14. What kind of treasures do Jessie and Benny look for at the dump?

15. What does the doctor give to Henry for cleaning his garage so well?

1. The boxcar is old and dilapidated, with bushes and overgrowth on the track.

2. He likes to organize things and keep things clean.

3. He is the children's grandfather.

4. She teaches him to read.

5. The children stay at a bakery.

6. Henry wins the free-for-all race.

7. Henry is the oldest child.

8. The children have no home or parent to care for them.

9. Henry, Jessie, Violet and Benny are the names of the children.

10. $5000 was the reward money offered from the children's grandfather, James Henry Alden.

11. Watch was the name of the children's dog.

12. The cook gives Henry a yummy bag full of cookies!

13. A silver cup and $25 is the prize.

14. Jessie and Benny look for dishes and utensils at the dump.

15. The doctor gives Henry a hammer and bent nails.

Essay Questions (answers will vary according to ability, level and grade of each child)

1. List five things that are different from your experience and life, in comparison to the Alden children.

2. Which Alden child do you relate to best? Why?

3. What exactly is a boxcar? Draw a picture of it.

4. Have you ever seen old trains, either at a museum or online? How are these old trains similar to the boxcar?

5. List five emotions that the children felt in The Boxcar Children book. Describe the points in the story when they felt these feelings.

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