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'Paint by Number',‘Paint Bar’,‘Beer & Crayons’ star
If you are a baby boomer, you may recall one of the hottest phenomena of the 1950s – 'Paint by Number' kits. Today, it is vogue to attend a 'Paint and Drink' party. I’ll explain how you (and a country music singer) can express 'the artist within'.

A Review of the Movie 'Woman in Gold' star
The title of the painting 'Woman in Gold' is really a misnomer as it was changed by the Nazis who looted this and other art before WW II. I will discuss the painting’s real identity and this fascinating true story.

Art as a Legend star
The reasons we remember specific works of art may be subliminal but based on emotion. Was it because of the artist? Puzzling, controversial? I will explain why some works are famous.

Art Collectors - Show Us the Money star
In the financial/art world, yesterday’s millionaires are today’s billionaires. I’ll discuss international art collectors, the artists that take us to a space where art and science coexist, and share my dream list.

Art Signed Posthumously – Rodin & Lennon star
A debate has raged for years as to whether signed reproductions by Rodin & more recently John Lennon should be called 'originals'. I’ll discuss the pros and cons of this controversy.

Art x Fashion x Dance Collaboration star
What Salvador Dali began in the 1930s continued into the 21st century as artists collaborated with fashion designers and dance companies. I'll uncover little known aspects of these artists' oeuvre. Art Appreciation Newsletters star
If an article seems too lengthy to read at times, or if you are eager for art related information, sign up for my monthly Art Appreciation Newsletter. I will share art related material of interest to you, my readers.

Controversy Over Ownership of Warhol Painting star
In 2013 a court battle ensued between actor Ryan O’Neil and lawyers for Farrah Fawcett over an Andy Warhol silkscreen portrait of the popular 'Charlie's Angels' star.

Damaged, Missing, and Theft of Art star
Because of political and cultural differences, sadly, many countries have suffered from the looting, plundering, and theft of art. Some contemporary artists destroy their art just for fun (really!).

Elephants in Art + Their Fate star
Let's face facts: the future of the African elephant is possible extinction. Even as a child I have respected these magnificent animals. I will discuss startling stats and artists’ tributes to these 'gentle giants'.

Gardner Museum: Largest Art Theft in U.S. History star
It has been 15 years since the Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum in Boston was robbed of 13 valuable works of art by Vermeer, Rembrandt, Degas and others.

How Countries Deal with Unwanted Monuments star
Recently in the US, emotions flare over the removal/destruction of statues in the likeness of slave owners. What policy have other countries implemented? I will discuss this matter.

In Art - Much Ado About Dots star
What began as Pointillism with French Post-Impressionist painter Georges Seurat has mushroomed to works by female aboriginal artists and YBA Damien Hirst. What's the talk all about?

Jeff Koons – LV Collab + Gazing Ball Series star
All American Pop artist Jeff Koons gains success through his collaboration with Louis Vuitton and his 'Gazing Ball' paintings series. I'll discuss the artists Koons used for his inspiration.

Modern Art Sales – Hofman,Guston & a Chimpanzee star
On June 20,2005 a Hans Hofman oil painting and a tempura on paper by a chimpanzee sold in lots 28 and 29 respectively at the Modern and Contemporary Art sale at Bonhams, New Bond Street, London. Should this be seen as a direct insult to the art world?

Retrospective of Flemish Artist Bruegel the Elder star
To commemorate the 450th anniversary of Bruegel the Elder's death, an Austrian museum exhibits 'peasant', seascape and religious works. I'll discuss their holdings and what was and wasn't loaned.

Sale of Munch’s 'The Scream' Breaks Records star
In May 2012 the only version of this iconic painting in a private collection went on Sotheby’s auction block with results above estimates.

Silhouettes and Shadow in Art star
From painting to photography, shadows are used to depict suspense and ambiguity. I will discuss how shadows may have influenced the origin of painting and how it has been incorporated in art - past and present.

Stolen Art -- The Scream star
I discuss the theft of "The Scream" by Edvard Munch and possible reasons why it wasn´t insured.

The Stylistic Evolution of Artists / Then + Now star
Notable artists Pablo Picasso and Henri Matisse developed different art styles and used varied mediums. I will discuss them as well as my picks for contemporary artists who have also reinvented themselves.

The Universe in Art star
With the recent total solar eclipse and advancements in space travel, let us examine how mankind has represented his world through art.

The Voting is in - Art Everywhere US Picks star
The voting is in for the top fifty picks for artwork that the public wants displayed in America during August 2014. I will discuss some of the 100 works of American art that were the finalists.

TV Game Shows That Ask Art Question star
If you are one of millions of watchers of the TV gameshows: 'Jeopardy' or 'Millionaire' you may have correctly answered the questions along with the contestants. As for the subject of Art, let’s test your knowledge based on previous shows.

Van Dyck – Saving a UK National Treasure star
A splendid self portrait by the 17th century Flemish artist Sir Anthony van Dyck may be sold to a foreign source unless a UK buyer can raise £12.5m by 2014, thanks to a temporary export ban.

Venetian Carnival Masks as Art star
The annual Venetian Carnival or 'mardi gras' begins two weeks before Ash Wednesday. I will discuss the history 'behind' the illustrious masks worn by partygoers in Venice.

WH Restricts Extreme Travel for Artists star
Some artists protest the President’s travel bans and proposal to build a wall between the US and Mexico - sighting freedoms and artistic expression. I’ll discuss the value and drawback to their rallying cry.

When In New York ... Visit the Met star
Last year I visited the Metropolitan Museum of Art in New York, one of the greatest museums in the world. I share my favorite picks and offer insight into their expansive art collections.

‘Art For Dummies’ book by Thomas Hoving star
The former director of the Metropolitan Museum of Art in NY writes a comprehensive book for a broad overview of art collections and museums. I will recommend an abbreviated list of art from the book, and my viewpoint.

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