Hoot Chapter Book Test

Hoot Chapter Book Test
Here is a comprehension test for your homeschooler to take about the environmentally themed book, Hoot, by Carl Hiaasen.

1. Where did Richard, Roy's best friend, live?

2. How did Roy injure Dana?

3. Where was Roy born?

4. What is the name of girl bullying Roy?

5. According to Curly, how much is it for each tire?

6. What did Roy have in his room that he would stare at before going to sleep?

7. What was the profession Beatrice's father had?

8. How is the barefooted boy related to Beatrice?

9. What did Curly bring with him to protect himself from snakes?

10. What was actually making the "Heh" sound that Officer Delinko heard?

11. What did Curly find was missing from all of the construction vehicales?

12. Who is Natalie?

13. Where did the envelope containing approximately $4,500 in cash, turn up?

14. Under what classification were the burrowing owls protected?

15. What job did Garrte's mother have?

16. Who was living in Jo Jo's truck?

17. What happened to Officer Delinko's squad car while he was inside and asleep?

18. What did Roy's parents need to write him to attend the groundbreaking ceremony?

19. How many of the cottonmouths did the reptile wrangler remove from the construction site?

20. Write a short essay describing the enviromental impact of this story.


1. Montana

2. A broken nose

3. Michigan

4. Dana Matherson

5. $150.00 each

6. A Livingston rodeo poster, of a cowboy riding a bull

7. He was a point guard in the NBA

8. He is her stepbrother

9. A gun (38 caliber)

10. A baby owl

11. The driver seats

12. She is Mrs. Matherson's parakeet

13. In Councilman Bruce's gold bag

14. Species of Special Concern

15. She was a Guidance Counselor

16. Mullet Fingers

17. His windows were painted black

18. A permission slip

19. zero/none

20. Answers will vary.

Additional essay questions could be to compare and contrast the book and the movie, research and write about an endangered species, or write a persuasive argument from Roy's point of view.
Here are some ideas for further enrichment resources, as well as the Hoot classic:

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