Civil War Writing Prompts for High Schoolers

Civil War Writing Prompts for High Schoolers
High school homeschool students are capable of critical thought and analysis. Challenge your child with one or all of these writing prompts when you have completed your study of The Civil War. Expect a well thought out essay in response to these prompts, averaging one to two pages in a journal. Encourage your child's critical thinking skills by discussing their writing with them afterward, or having a high school homeschool writers group.

1. How would the Reconstruction of the United States have been different if President Lincoln was not assassinated?

2. What impact did George Washington Carver have on the farming community?

3. Compare and contrast slavery and sharecropping. What is your opinion of each? How different or similar were they in concept?

4. Describe the "Jim Crow" laws of segregation, and how it impacted children during the Reconstruction.

5. What were the conditions that led to General Robert E. Lee's surrender? Put the circumstances leading up to this defeat in an anecdotal order.

6. Write an essay from the perspective of a new student at Freedmen's School in the South. Describe a typical day, as well as the emotions, fears and anxieties you might experience.

7. Write a "Point of View" essay from the perspective of a Confederate Soldier. Be sure to describe your feelings as the soldier. Also report what circumstances are like during specific battles during the Civil War.

8. What personal characteristics does an Abolitionist need to have? Could you have been an Abolitionist during the Civil War? Why or why not?

9. Write an excerpt of a typical day in the life of Harriet Tubman. Use facts and prior knowledge of her bravery during The Civil War to create a fictional essay based on historical facts.

10. Was Abraham Lincoln's life goal to become President of the United States? Read a biography about President Lincoln and complete a character analysis of him. Describe his aspirations and the circumstances that led to his presidency.
Here is a great biography to use as a resource:

Here are some other post unit products for your high school homeschooler, to encourage critical thought and evaluative skills.

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