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Dead or Alive 3 Review star
Sure, we´ve been spoiled recently with incredible graphics in fighting games. Tekken, on the Playstation 2, is one of my favorites, with its shimmering waters and floating leaves. It´s pretty amazing that barely a year later, it´s been blown out of the water!

Dead or Alive 4 Quiz star
If you enjoy Dead or Alive 4, be sure to take this quiz! It'll test your knowledge about this fun fighting game!

Dead or Alive 4 XBox 360 Review star
Dead or Alive is one of my favorite series, and I was waiting eagerly for DOA4 to come out for the XBox 360. The graphics were great! Gameplay, though, was not well ramped.

Dead or Alive Ultimate star
In Dead or Alive Ultimate, you get to play both Dead or Alive 1 and an improved version of Dead or Alive 2 - plus online gameplay as well!

Final Fight X - Streetwise star
Final Fight goes inner city with Final Fight X - Streetwise. The soundtrack is full of rough music, the scenes are concrete jungles with dirt and blood covered combatants.

Guilty Gear X2 star
If you´re looking for a fighting game that is more stylistic than realistic, Guilty Gear X2 might be the one for you. Anime characters use magic and swords to become victorious.

Iron Phoenix Multiplayer Fighting star
Iron Phoenix is a really interesting combination of two gaming genres. You get the multi-combos of a fun fighting game with the online fun of team combat!

King of Fighters Maniax star
King of Fighters is a classic side scrolling fighting game which has been updated to 3-D glory. Choose from 20 characters for fighting fun.

Mortal Kombat - Deadly Alliance star
This mature title is a fighting game really meant for adults only. The amount of blood spilled per fight is simply amazing.

Mortal Kombat Armageddon star
Mortal Kombat has fixed a lot of problems with their latest release, Mortal Kombat Armageddon. There are trillions of characters and some fun mini-games too.

Mortal Kombat Deception star
If you´re a fan of the Mortal Kombat series, or fighting games in general, get ready. This mature title has got puzzles, RPG, chess, and yes, lots of bloody Kombat!

Rumble Roses XX star
You might find it odd that a woman would be playing / reviewing Rumble Roses XX. Really, though, I am pleased that there are games that involve strong female characters. It's a step forward - sort of.

Samurai Shodown V star
Samurai Shodown V is a classic arcade-style game with its roots in those stand-up machines that you pumped quarters in. The graphics are blocky - but it's true to the original game!

Soul Caliber II star
While Soul Caliber II is great on all platforms, the special character and controller layout really make the XBox version the best of the bunch.

SVC Chaos - SNK vs Capcom star
It´s always fun to take characters from different universes and toss them all together. In SNK vs CAPCOM, you have primarily King of Fighters vs Street Fighter.

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