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Make your home, dorm, apartment or any place you might be more attractive with the Feng Shui decorating advice found here.

Ba Gua Mirror and Feng Shui star
Mirrors are powerful symbols in all cultures. They let us see ourselves for who we truly are and help promote contemplation of what we have become. It's no surprise that the mirror - and the ba gua mirror in particular - is important in feng shui.

Creating Home Sanctuary star
Many of us spend time away from home or work in a home office during the day, which makes it important to create a special haven at home to relax when the workday is done. Creating Feng Shui home sanctuary means setting up a special place where you can renew, restore, slow down, and just let go.

Decorating with Feng Shui star
The Feng Shui bagua is the tool to map your home and help you start decorating with Feng Shui by adding furniture, accessories, and colors to activate the special energy of each of these areas. This article includes recommended objects for each area.

Feng Shui Cures for Interior Design Mistakes star
It's easy to fall into the trap of making interior design changes that mirror current trends but don’t actually fit with the way you want to live in your home. These Feng Shui cures for interior design mistakes will help get you back on track and attract wealth, harmony, and love.

Feng Shui For Dorms and Small Apartments star
Moving into a dorm room, small apartment, or studio can present a Feng Shui challenge, especially for freshmen who are used to a bigger bedroom back home. These five easy Feng Shui steps can help ease the transition into dorm or apartment life.

Feng Shui For Your Foyer star
In Feng Shui, the foyer is the first room in your home that received positive chi energy, so it's important to keep this space clear, choose the right paint color, and select appropriate artwork to hang on the walls.

Feng Shui Friendly House Plants star
Choose Feng Shui friendly house plants to active positive energy and purify the air in your home and office.

Feng Shui Friendly Lightbulbs star
With the phase-out of traditional incandescent lightbulbs in the US, it's important to know what lighting options are still be available, especially if you want to assure your lighting is Feng Shui friendly. Read about the good light options in this article.

Feng Shui Help for ADHD star
If you are one of the million of adults who suffer from adult ADHD, or if you have a child or children with ADHD, read about the Feng Shui changes you can make in your home to help you cope.

Feng Shui Money Bags E-mail star
The Feng Shui money bags e-mail chain letter that is going around is a hoax and you don't have to forward it to attract wealth. But you can create your own version of Feng Shui money bags symbol to help attract good luck, abundance, and wealth.

Feng Shui Symbols star
Feng Shui symbols like red tassels, a 3-legged money frog, a pair of Mandarin ducks, a bowl of oranges, or an aquarium with gold fish, which have specific meanings and cultural associations in Chinese Feng Shui. Read about some of the more well-known Feng Shui symbols and what they represent.

Feng Shui Tips for Placing Art star
In Feng Shui "you are what you see," means that where you place your art will influence what you attract into your life. This article gives tips for placing your art in the right locations to attract wealth, harmony, and love.

Feng Shui Tips For Renters star
When you rent an apartment and don't own the space you occupy, it is especially important to make a few Feng Shui changes to unblock stuck energy and help improve your space and your life. This article includes ten low cost Feng Shui tips for renters that are simple to apply for any rented space.

Flowers in Feng Shui star
Flowers in Feng Shui are an important symbol and a powerful way to attract wealth, harmony, and love into your life. Live flowers and symbolic representations of flowers can bring specific energy into your environment, especially when placed in the best location in your home.

Fountains in Feng Shui star
In Feng Shui, fountains are most often placed used near the front door to attract prosperity into the space. The size of the fountain is not critical, but it is important to make sure you place your fountain so the water is flowing into the interior of the space, rather than out of it.

Front Door Feng Shui star
The front door is called the “mouth of chi” in Feng Shui because it’s where all good energy enters your home, even if you come in through the garage or the back porch. That’s why it’s important to use a little front door Feng Shui to invite wealth, harmony, and love into your home.

Laundry Room Feng Shui star
The laundry room may not be the first room you think about when making Feng Shui changes, but it’s important to treat your laundry room with the same care you give to any other room in your home to attract wealth. Read about the 10 things you need to do in your laundry area.

Lighting in Feng Shui star
Lighting plays an important role in adjusting the Feng Shui ambiance of any interior space, so it’s important to check to see if the lighting in your home and office comes from the three sources – natural light, direct light, and ambient light.

Lucky Bamboo House Plant star
The lucky bamboo plant brings lively chi energy into your home or office and asks little in return. It is easy to grow in water or soil. In Feng Shui, lucky bamboo is believed to bring good luck and good fortune when given as a gift. Read how to care for this desirable house plant.

Lucky Feng Shui Gifts star
Read about seven lucky Feng Shui gifts that you can give for birthdays, weddings and anniversaries, hostess gifts, or whenever you want to gift yourself with some positive Feng Shui.

Main Entrance Feng Shui star
The main entrance to your home is the first thing you see when you arrive home, and the last thing you see when you leave to face the world. It's the first impression your visitors have about you. What does feng shui say about arranging your main entrance?

Mirrors in Feng Shui star
Mirrors in Feng Shui should be used sparingly and only when necessary. Mirrors can be used to attract, move, or redirect energy. Read how to choose the right type of mirror and correct location for what you want to accomplish.

Pets in Feng Shui star
Pets are considered positive energy in Feng Shui because they add activity to our homes, even when we are not there. But when pets dominate your life, the result can be an upset in the natural balance that is critical to good Feng Shui. This article gives Feng Shui tips for households with pets.

Precious Stones in Feng Shui star
Precious stones in Feng Shui are used to attract specific energy, and displaying or wearing the right stone is thought to act as a protective talisman, and to deflect negative energy. This article describes the uses for some of the more well-known precious stones that are used in Feng Shui.

Rearranging a Room For Happiness star
Feng Shui changes will make you feel more comfortable in your home, and new survey findings show that making certain changes and home improvements will also make you happier. The areas where improvements made the biggest difference were the living room, family room, master bedroom, and kitchen.

Serenity and Feng Shui star
I am a strong proponent of serenity. The more even-keel and balanced we can be, the more we can weather the ups and downs that life throws at us. Here are keys for using feng shui to bring serenity into every aspect of your world.

Wedding Feng Shui star
Every bride dreams of the perfect, harmonious wedding day, and you can help assure a beautiful wedding by incorporating a little Feng Shui into the planning. Read about choosing the wedding gown, the location for the reception, the table shape, colors for decorations, and more.

What to Keep Out Of Your Home star
Feng Shui is a design system for placing things in your home to improve your life, but sometimes in Feng Shui what you keep out is as important as what you invite in. This article include eight examples of things that are best kept out of your home to assure positive Feng Shui energy.

Wind Chimes and Feng Shui star
I adore wind chimes. I have always had a variety of wind chimes around my house. Wind chimes are a great way to add peace and tranquility to your world, and to bring elements of feng shui into different parts of your life.

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