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Assassination of Malcolm X - February 21, 1965 star
Malcolm X, Muslim minister and Civil Rights advocate, was brutally murdered on February 21, 1965, as he was getting ready to deliver a speech to 400 followers of Islam. Mystery surrounds his death. Who was really responsible?

Charles DeGaulle Dies November 9 star
Charles DeGaulle dedicated his life to the military. During his turbulent career he was captured by the German Army and held as a prisoner of war as well as court marshalled by his own country. He died in 1970.

Giuliani is Elected Mayor of New York City star
On November 2, 1993, Rudolph William Giuliani was elected the 107th mayor of New York City. He decreased the crime rate and improved the economy, but he will be remembered most for his heroic handling of the terrorist attack of the World Trade Center.

I Have a Dream - August 28, 1963 star
Frederick Douglass began life as a slave. Through “forbidden” education, he was able to speak out for the abolition of slavery, giving Martin Luther King, Jr. the ability to have a dream, almost a century later. Less than 50 years after King’s historic speech, Barack Obama lived the dream.

Klaus Barbie - the Butcher of Lyon star
Klaus Barbie tortured and killed thousands of people and the US aided his escape to Bolivia. Despite his sadistic and evil tendencies, he was not arrested until four years before his natural death.

Lech Walesa Wins Nobel Peace Prize star
Lech Walesa was not a highly educated man, but he worked hard and often suffered punishments to obtain rights for the working class. On October 5, 1983, Walesa was awarded the Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts supporting human rights.

The 15th-1/2 President star
In 1860, one event crossed the line for South Carolina and they finally seceded from the Union. That event was the election of President Lincoln--but before he was inaugurated, another man was elected and inaugurated in the South...

The Berlin Wall is Opened after 28 Years star
Thanks to a mistake, on November 9, 1989, the Berlin Wall fell. Not literally, but the gates between east and west were thrown open after almost three decades. Read about this historic day.

The Gettysburg Address star
The seven greatest lines ever uttered in American History were nearly forgotten. Discover the Gettysburg Address of November 19, 1863, and the significance of the event and the times.

The Greensboro Sit-In star
On February 1, 1960, four young college students went to a Woolworth´s lunch counter and sat down. Not a very significant thing--except, these four young college students were black. Their sitting at the counter sparked a week long sit-in that helped jump start the Civil Rights Movement.

The Story of the Peace Symbol star
On February 21, 1958, Gerald Holtom drew a circle and three lines. How did such an abstract symbol come to represent peace? Why did Holtom regret his design years later?

Tunisian Man Becomes a Symbol of Revolution star
Mohamed Bouazizi was a street vendor in Sidi Bouzid, a city in central Tunisia. On December 17, 2010, standing in front of the offices of the local government, he drenched himself in fuel and set himself on fire. He was 26.

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