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Kymberly Morgan

Welcome to my ´Obesity´ site at BellaOnline!

I´m excited to be a part of this amazing group of women, and I look forward to sharing my knowledge about the very sensitive subject of Obesity with all of you.

I´m a certified Holistic Health Practitioner and Nurse, as well as fitness, health, and wellness trainer/coach- I specialize in Obesity Fitness and Nutrition. In addition, I am ´Nutritious Life´ certified, and am furthering my education in the field of Nutrition.

I am also considered ´Obese´ by medical standards, even though I have lost close to 90 pounds over the past 2 years. I understand what it´s like to go through the physical and psychological ´motions´ of being obese, and I´d like nothing more than to share my education and knowledge with those of you who fall in this category. You have my full support, and I care about your health and wellness.

Here are the most common questions/answers that I receive regarding obesity:

1.) Q: Do I have to starve myself to lose weight?

A: Absolutely not. Starvation is dangerous to your health, and actually
halts the metabolism from burning fat. Starvation is the quickest
way to give yourself an eating disorder.

2.) Q: Are there alternative methods to working out with weights as an obese

A: There absolutely are alternative methods to working out with weights.
Being obese gives us the benefit of being able to utilize our own
body weight to burn fat and gain muscle. This is known as ´Body
Weight Training´ and is a magnificent way to get started on a path
to weight loss. I have many Body Weight Workout methods for us obese
individuals, and I will share tips with all of you in my weekly
´Obesity´ articles.

3.) Q: I am tired of the stigma surrounding obesity and I´d like to know if
there is an effective way that I can bring attention to obesity with
out being bullied or picked on.

A: While I can´t guarantee that people will stop bullying or picking on
those of us who suffer from obesity, I do have some great tips and
suggestions on how to properly inform them of what it´s like to
suffer from obesity on a day to day basis. Together we can end the
unfortunate and incorrect stigmas surrounding obesity by properly
informing others of the true definition, causes, and illnesses
that are affiliated with obesity.

Thank you for joining me here, and I look forward to writing about obesity and helping those of us who truly need it.


Kymberly Morgan,
Obesity Editor,

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