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Adulthood ADD
ADD can affect all areas of an adult´s life. From relationships to work, ADD has an impact.

Be An Advocate
You can be your child´s and your own best advocate. Life´s challenges can be opportunities for growth. Learn to face challenges head-on.

Calming the Chaos
We can learn how to organize our lives. While this skill is not one that comes naturally to people with ADD, with practice, we can learn.

Childhood ADD
Children with ADD have some characteristics that set them apart from their peers. They need a lot of tender, loving care and understanding.

College Life
Students with ADD experience college life in many ways just as other students do. However, ADD makes life at college just a bit different. Learn to use resources to be productive & successful.

Fun and Games
BellaOnline has many site specific games. The Attention Deficit Disorder site has several games to help exercise your brain and creativity using facts about ADD. Hope you enjoy the games!

Holiday Help
Holidays are a frantic time for many families. For families who have members with ADD, keeping holidays simple is often the best present for everybody!

Improve Symptoms
Leisure activities that can improve symptoms of ADD are explored in this area.

Living with ADD
When a family member has ADD, life can be challenging for everyone in the family. Find creative ways to survive.

Memory Aids
ADD inhibits rote memorization. This topic helps students memorize academic materials. If you need a memory aid for a class you are studying, I may be able to help. Post your request on the forum.

Nutrition and ADD
The food that you put into your body matters! Learn about how effective nutrition can improve your life and your symptoms of ADD.

Research on ADD
Research provides us with insight about Attention Deficit Disorder. Articles with a variety of topics related to ADD will be featured here.

Resources for ADD
Learn about ADD and tap into your inner advocate. These resources can provide you with information you need to make effective choices.

Are you interested in finding information items to help with the symptoms of ADD? Read reviews! Do you have a book that you want reviewed? Leave your request in the ADD Forum. I also review products.

School Survival Skills
Symptoms of ADD can make school difficult for the child who has ADD. Find out ways to make life better for these students at school.

Treatment Options
Traditional treatments can include medication and cognitive therapy. Alternative treatments like supplements and diet will also be explored.

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