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Personal Cheffing, PCing, can be a fulfilling career as well as a great service to have. In Personal Chef - The Newsletter I'll be bringing you all the practical tips, tricks and outside-the-box thinking around breaking into the business, building your niche in the PC world and / or finding and hiring a personal chef.

For starters I'll address the basics of personal cheffing. These are the things everyone wanting to become a PC and everyone wanting to hire one should know. What are the key things you need to know as a personal chef to make sure you thrive in the industry?
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Where can you go to get the best information to help guarantee your success in this industry that so many have missed before? It's right in front of your nose, but so obvious that you can easily miss it unless you are thinking outside the box.
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Thinking of specialization in the PC field?
How do you do it?
How do you find your audience?
How do they find you?
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Far too many PC's use only traditional marketing methods, but if you're marketing to the same directories, networks, mixers and events and approaching your marketplace from the same direction, as a PC and not a marketer, and not getting your desired results, how are you going to rise above the crowd?


Face it the traditional and predictable methods of PC marketing can waste a lot of time, energy and money. You need fresh 'New Media' strategies to target and build your audience, gain exposure and increase your revenue! How can you tap the untapped marketing avenues and skyrocket your business' success?
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Those are just a few of the areas I'll cover in "Personal Chef - The Newsletter". Sign up for it and get the strategies you need to build your business from, not just one or two angles, but several. I love this topic and would love to help get you up and running with all of the traditional and not-so-traditional approaches in my arsenal. Let's make it work for you!

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Your privacy is extremely important to me and the staff at BellaOnline. When you sign up for my newsletter your email address is safe and your name is anonymous, even to the editors who write here. That means that by signing up for Personal Chef - The Newsletter you'll be getting only "Personal Chef - The Newsletter" and nothing else. We will never sell, share or spam your email address.

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I want to create the best newsletter for you, so your feedback is vital.

If you wish to leave any comments, ask questions or suggest a topic of interest, drop me a line or stop by the forum where you'll meet many people sharing the same or similar interests who may be able to offer you great information, resources and/or advice.

As always, it's my pleasure sharing with you. Until next time... I look forward to helping you achieve your goals. So sign-up now and let's take this journey together.

To massive growth & success in your business,

Jason Hodge
Personal Chef & Vegetarian Editor

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