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Water, Water everywhere…and not a drop to drink? Well, let's hope that's not the case, since water is one of the most critical elements to life on earth. Every living creature needs it for survival.

Water gardening is important, too. Water gardens calm the nerves, provide a mechanism for converting carbon dioxide and other waste products into oxygen, and add humidity to our environment. They help to cool the air in summer and warm it in winter. The tranquilizing effects of water gardens have even been shown to improve our physical health. The mere sound of running water can calm us down and bring a smile to our faces.

They also provide a place for our fish to live!

Yes, it's true. Fish, plants, and water gardens go together like hot dogs, buns, and mustard--with only half the mess. That's why, each week, I'll be writing a new article to help you to enjoy the age-old pastime of water gardening. When you join our growing cadre of water-garden aficionados, you'll be notified by e-mail when I've posted a new article. Nothing long, involved, or fancy, nothing that will clog your In Box or demand your immediate attention. Just a short, simple note, a brief reminder to encourage you to take a break from your everyday drudgery and enjoy a few minutes of reading about one of your favorite topics.

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Of course, if you have any questions about water gardens, I certainly hope you'll feel comfortable in asking them. And, should you want to know more about a specific topic that hasn't already been covered, just send me an e-mail. As a lifelong gardener and an avid water gardening enthusiast, columnist, and author, I want to help you build and maintain the water features of your dreams.

So, sign up for our Water Gardens Newsletter, and let the fun begin.

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