Diet Comparisons

Low Carb
There are many low carb diets now being promoted. Each is slightly different from the others. What are the main differences between these diets?

Apple Cider Vinegar Diet star
The latest diet fad is to eat apple cider vinegar as a way to miraculously provide weight loss and fight diabetes. How does this work, and does it work in a healthy diet program?

Apple Cider Vinegar Diet Experiment star
Are you interested in losing weight? Please come join us for our one month Apple Cider Vinegar Diet experiment! It's easy, fun, and you could lose weight!

Atkins Diet star
The Atkins Diet is probably the most famous low carb diet, the one that helped the world understand that low fat was not necessarily the answer.

Blood Type Diet star
The Blood Type Diet starts with your blood type, and helps you determine which types of food are best suited for you based. In essence it is helping you determine which group of humans - and therefore metabolism - you fall into.

Comparing Low Carb Diets star
South Beach. Atkins. Glycemic Index. There are a variety of low carb / low sugar diets out on the market. How do you know which one is right for you? What are the differences between them?

Curves star
It seems that a Curves for Women exercise location opens in every town you drive through. This extremely popular exercise chain has chosen to endorse a low carb diet plan.

Dr Atkins diet - Robert Atkins history star
Dr. Robert Atkins may have brought about the most radical change in how we look at health in the past 30 years.

Extreme Makeover Weight Loss Edition star
With Extreme Makeover: Weight Loss Edition, it is not a house being made over, but a human being. A trainer starts with an obese person and hopes to end up with a healthy weight one.

Fortune Magazine Discusses Atkins Phenomenon star
You can tell a movement is having an impact when Fortune magazine does a story on the impact on food makers worldwide. In 2004, Fortune reported that Atkins and low carb have reached that stage.

Low Carb Diet Studies Prove Success star
There are MANY many studies out there that prove that high sugar and high glycemic index foods should be minimized or avoided. But there are also a growing number of studies that prove low carbers lose more weight.

Low Carb Diets - South Beach Diet star
The South Beach Diet is the newest low carb diet to hit the market. It has many of the background components of the Atkins diet, plus some new twists.

Macrobiotic Diet and Low Carb star
Just what is a macrobiotic diet? Can it coexist with a low carb lifestyle? Learn more about macrobiotic diets and what their features are.

Malibu Beach 48 Hour Diet star
There are always quick fixes that prey on overweight individuals who want to magically lose weight before proms and weddings. Is the Malibu Beach 48 Hour Diet any good?

Paleo Diet vs Low Carb Diet star
Just what is the Paleo Diet all about? Do you need to eat like a caveman, and carry a club? Or is there more to it? Here are the details.

Russian Diet - Air Force Diet star
The Russian Diet, also known as the Russian Air Force Diet, falls into one of those bizarre categories of diets you probably could never follow for long. Here's what it is all about.

Tapeworms for Weight Loss star
If the idea of sucralose or other artificial sweeteners concerns you, at least be thankful we are living in the 21st century. Not too long ago, the key to weight loss was ingesting tapeworms.

The Fat Flush Plan star
Created in 2002, the Fat Flush Plan is a recent low carb diet plan by nutritionist Ann Louise Gittleman. It follows low carb basics and helps focus on bloating or plateau issues.

The Zone star
The Zone is one of the classic low carb diets that helped people learn the value of low carb. It emphasizes omega oils, monosaturated fats and exercise.

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