Goals & Planning

Small Office/Home Office
Advice on setting goals and making business plans to start or grow your business. This is follow-through on the basics of getting started.

A Simple Method for Setting Long-term Business Goals star
A fun and easy way to set long-term goals for your business. Use this simple method to set long-term goals and achieve what you want most.

Action Plans for Success star
Action Plans are a key ingredient to any success plan. Action Plans are the scaffolding that helps you build your dreams. They support you and help you reach what you need to reach. Here's how you can use them to plot your success.

Affirmations for Success - How to Think you Can star
Affirmations are a way of changing your way of thinking, and it is almost always our way of thinking that holds us back. Here are some success affirmations and how to use them to be more successful this year.

Basics of a Successful Life Plan star
Plans are important for business and for life. Too often we are making plans for a business without planning how it fits into our life goals. Here are 5 steps to writing a successful life plan.

Business Action Plans star
Taking your goals from dreamed to achieved with action plans.

Business Plan Basics star
Writing a business plan can help you clarify your business purpose and goals and help you stay on track. Your business plan provides a blueprint of your business in just a few pages. This article discusses the basic elements of a standard business plan.

Choosing your Theme for 2010 star
What do you hope to accomplish during 2010? How about creating a theme that sums up your goal? A theme is a great, fun way to pinpoint your focus and it helps you to remember your goals in a big, definitive manner.

Creating a Vision Board for your Business star
A vision board can be a powerful business growth tool. Many businesses already do some sort of visioning with their strategic planning sessions. A vision board is simply an extension of that process, represented in images. This article will help you create one today.

Example and Tips for Writing Action Plans star
Tips and how-to´s on writing action plans.

Finding and Keeping Your Motivation star
Here are a few tips to help you find your motivation and keep it!

Five Productivity Tips star
Has your to-do list come undone? Are you so far behind by now you fear you´ll never catch up? Read this article for five quick tips that can help you -- starting now.

Four Steps to Great Business Brainstorming star
Brainstorming is a great problem-solving tool and it can be very helpful in your business. It has been around for decades, but is so easy that anyone can learn to do it and benefit from it in a matter of minutes. Here are four quick and easy steps that´ll teach you how.

Four Tips to Improving your Success Attitude star
Do you have a success attitude? What is your attitude toward success and how can you improve it and increase your odds of succeeding? Improving your attitude can help you succeed and reach your goals in all areas of your life.

Having Fun at Work star
What did you do for fun today? At work?

How to Achieve Your Goals star
So, you have written your goals and are ready to make them happen. Now what? This article shows you a simple plan for achieving your goals.

Michael Phelps - Five Lessons in Achieving Goals star
His swimming achievements are legendary, but his success skills are also excellent. Here are five lessons in achieving goals we can learn from the gold-medal swimming champ, Michael Phelps.

Motivation for Success star
Can a positive mental attitude help you grow or start a business? Read my thoughts about the subject and some of my favorite quotations.

New Year's Resolutions - Bad Idea or Bad Rap? star
New Year’s resolutions get a bad rap. Statistically, they barely make it past week two, nobody keeps them, etc. Everyone rolls their eyes when you put yours on display. I say defy the odds!

Pre Opening Day Checklist star
Before you open your small business make sure you are ready with this checklist.

Prioritizing your To-Do List star
Do you ever feel like you are so busy but still aren't reaching your goals? Prioritizing your to-do list can help!

Productivity Tips for Working from Home star
Don't spread yourself too thin at the office. Here are three simple tips to plan for better productivity, helping you manage your time and interruptions to get more done.

Setting Goals that Make a Difference star
What can help you succeed? Here´s how to set goals that will really help you achieve your dreams.

Setting SMART Goals star
Goal setting can be difficult, but it gets easier with practice, and learning how to set goals that actually work for you can make goal setting an enjoyable and motivating process. Setting SMART goals can help you get there.

Six Steps to Achieving your Goals star
All goals begin as dreams, and achieving your goals means living your dreams. But, how do you bring them from dream to reality? Try this six step process to achieving your goals.

Small Business Disaster Planning star
Guidelines and resources for protecting your business when disaster strikes.

SWOT Analysis star
A SWOT (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threats) analysis can help you with your business planning. It is a simple tool and is easy to do. Taking the time to analyze these components can give you insights you might normally miss.

Tips For Making a Home Office Vision Board star
Keep your goals clear and concise for your home office by creating a vision board.

Turn your Goals into Affirmations star
You have decided on and written your goals, now turn them into affirmations to make them happen faster and easier.

What do You Bring to the Table? star
Have you watched the different ways people respond to a potluck? The way you participate in a potluck can say quite a bit about how you participate in other areas of life. When it comes to potlucks or business or life, what do you bring to the table?

Writing a Feasibility Plan star
Writing a feasibility plan is the first step in deciding if your business will be successful. Here are the major parts of the plan and what you need to include to decide if your business idea is viable.

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